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Leading innovation in prehospital monitoring and defibrillation

Tempus ALS – a smarter monitor/defibrillator

The Tempus ALS enables a smarter response: Lighter, focused and empowered by data. A unique modular monitoring and defibrillation system that delivers more functionality in a more flexible package. Using modern technology, it brings together the market leading Tempus Pro advanced critical care monitor and the Tempus LS professional defibrillator in to an integrated solution. Revolutionary dual-screen resuscitation care capability means the focus is precisely on the care being given. Flexibly meet all monitoring needs from basic monitoring through to advanced critical care.

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Tempus PRO – an advanced vital signs monitor

An advanced critical care monitor designed formedical experts. It is compact and light enough to hold in one hand with unmatched functionality and durability. It is a feature-rich with access to sophisticated data and communications capability.  The Tempus Pro delivers cutting-edge vital signs monitoring via a flexible, in-field upgradeable and fully scalable platform.

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