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A unique monitor/defibrillator offering greater functionality in a smaller, lighter and more flexible package.

Defibrillation Monitoring Reinvented

The Tempus ALS represents a new approach to defibrillation and monitoring that meets all your needs, from First Responder to all types of Transportation. It provides unprecedented levels of choice and flexibility on how you deploy and operate your equipment.

The system combines five essential elements.

1. Advanced Technology: Monitoring and defibrillation

1. Advanced Technology: Monitoring and defibrillation

Imagine being able to go to every scene with all of the clinical functionality you need at your fingertips.

Even when fully loaded with 12-Lead ECG, printing and capnography, its slender profile means the Tempus ALS™ fits comfortably in your grab bag, bike panniers, or on your shoulder. Generous screen sizes enable you to work efficiently, however confined the space.

2. Telemedicine: Securely share all data anywhere

2. Telemedicine: Securely share all data anywhere

You can stream and share all the patient data in real-time, not just a summary record:

  • The ability to do this is unique to Tempus ALS, achieved through its integrated ReachBak capability;
  • Utilise telemedicine and secure communications to share data with colleagues;
  • Increases situational awareness at the Emergency Department and in the Cath Lab;
  • Enables improved, informed treatment and transport decisions.
3. Patient data: Simple data acquisition

3. Patient data: Simple data acquisition

Fast, simple point of care data collection, review, reporting and sharing:

  • Easy collection of all vitals data, defibrillation and CPR therapies, events and images;
  • Delivered through the automatically-populated, touchscreen driven Summary Record of Care (SRoC);
  • Configurable STEMI reporting enables you to flexibly print, transmit and share the data you and your colleagues require;
  • Tempus ALS enables code review for every incident, as all data flows automatically from the defibrillator to the monitor.
4. Innovation: Flexible, scalable platform

4. Innovation: Flexible, scalable platform

The Tempus ALS platform is expandable allowing additional capability in-field:

  • Easily updgrade your system for advanced capabilities such as point of injury ultrasound and video laryngoscopy;
  • Adopt what you need post-purchase via in-field software updates;
  • We continuously innovate as new needs evolve and new needs arise ensuring you always have the latest technology;
  • This is cost-effective over the lifetime of your product, allowing you to leverage even more from your investment in the future.
5. Customer Service and support

5. Customer Service and Support

Customer needs are centric to all we do:

  • We do not just supply a one-off product;
  • Tempus ALS functionality can be expanded in the field to enable you to perform whole new diagnostic processes on patients in pre-hospital care settings;
  • Ongoing training, support and innovation are second nature to us;
  • In business for over 20 years, we are recognised and trusted for our capabilities to deliver, support and advance our products.

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