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Benefits of Tempus ALS 2017-11-22T09:27:28+00:00


Smaller, lighter, more flexibile system

It is easy to transport and carry Tempus ALS. You can choose how to deploy it – how to power, how to mount and how to carry on scene:

  • With a slender profile, reduced cube and light weight, docking for storage and power is an option in any emergency response vehicle;
  • Never compromise on functionality with a feature-rich monitor and a fully capable therapeutic defibrillator always with you;
  • Market leading battery life for both the monitor and the defibrillator;
  • Optional shoulder straps, quick-release aircraft and vehicle mounts, saddle bags and grab bag integration kits enable you to provide the same standard of care from all vehicle types;
  • Free up space for other important equipment.

Reduced risk of personal injury

The Tempus ALS is a unique modular system that enables smart weight distribution:

  • Weighing only 3.2kg, you can carry the advanced Tempus Promonitor with ease in your hand or on your shoulder;
  • The Tempus LS professional defibrillator is small enough to be carried in a fully equipped grab bag. At only 2kg it is lighter than most AEDs;
  • Remove personnel handling risks and reported injuries commonly assoicated with bulky monitor defibrillators;
  • Movement and access is not hindered, even in confined spaces.

Two systems in one solution

When difficult decisions have to be made, gathering and sharing all the clinical information you need on scene has never been simpler with Tempus ALS:

  • Have the unique ability to use an advanced crtical care monitor and a professional defibrillator both independently of one another and as a seamlessely integrated system;
  • Each device can perform all of its monitoring or therapy functions with or without the other device, enabling you to act quickly in line with your patients needs;
  • During resuscitation care, the Tempus ALS system automatically pairs the devices and shares all data when both are used;
  • You the have the most reliable system possible.

Revolutionary dual-screen capability

With simple, responsive operation, you can take full advantage of two large full colour screens:

  • The dual screen reduces visual noise allowing you to focus precisely on the care that is being given;
  • During resuscitation both devices work together – one display is focussed on defibrillation therapy and the other on patient monitoring;
  • Whether you are working alone,  or as a team, this enables you to view just the data that you need;
  • The Tempus LS defibrillator can also be used as a basic secondary monitor. You can monitor and treat more than one patient at the same time, when required.

Unparalleled levels of data dual-screen capability

Tempus ALS allows you to capture an unprecedented level of data – as much or as little as you need:

  • The on-screen smart patient care record can be easily augmented via the touch screen;
  • Easy-to-navigate content allows you to choose how much data to collect and exactly what, when, where and how to share it;
  • All vital signs, configurable STEMI 12 lead reporting, video, images, ultrasound, and an intuitive patient data record can be shared to keep everyone informed;
  • All data is encrypted and easily shared via authenticated, highly secure channels – USB and cable options and can be emailed as a PDF;
  • Data consumption is user-friendly and Tempus technology allows you to easily and fully integrate all data into your ePCR of choice;
  • Summary Code data and bespoke dashboards can be easily extracted without any requirement for downtime in device operation.

Proven defibrillation technology

The fully-ERC compliant Tempus LS defibrillator uses a trusted 200J Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) waveform:

  • Proven BTE waveform, as already used in more than 1 million Philips HeartStart® devices worldwide;
  • At only 2kg and highly robust, the Tempus LS is small and light enough to always be with you;
  • Professional functionality – AED and manual mode, pacing, synchronised cardioversion and CPR feedback;
  • Equipped with a small battery capable of delivering 300 shocks – alleviating concerns about battery life.

Unique, scalable platform

Now you can have a flexible, fully upgradeable and scalable platform:

  • The functionality of the Tempus ALS system can be extended and upgraded when you need it to be;
  • Add video laryngoscopy, ultrasound, defibrillation /monitoring and real-time telemedicine to further advanced capabilities.;
  • Access to feature updates, software updates, system updates and configuration tools ensures that you get more from your device over its lifetime without having to purchase a whole new system;
  • The whole system can evolve in line with your requirements, budgets and protocols over time.

Trusted and proven to perform

Ideally suited for the demands of prehospital and emergency care:

  • Built to the highest standards, the Tempus ALS is designed and built to ensure extreme conditions;
  • Robust and reliable, giving you peace of mind when your workload is unpredictable and the conditions you work in are uncontrolled;
  • The Tempus Pro is the vital signs monitor of choice for NATO forces worldwide;
  • We are proven in our ability to deliver and support large scale deployment throughout the life of our products with our experienced in-house customer support, training, technical support and maintenance teams.

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