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An advanced vital signs monitor for medical professionals; intuitive to operate, ground-breaking in size, weight and functionality.

More than just a monitor

Tempus Pro™ is a new concept in vital signs monitoring that can improve outcomes.

Ground-breaking in size, weight & ruggedness, the system is also unique in that it offers five distinctive capability sets.


All the integrated features & capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor (VSM).

Patient record data collection & sharing

Tempus provides the user with an electronic tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) card, the NATO standard for field trauma management.


Optional integrated secure real-time reach back capability over military & civilian communications of voice, data, video & records makes Tempus a true force multiplier.

Modular feature selection

Unique flexible plug & play architecture enables feature sets to be added in the field as mission & needs change.

Flexible & Scalable

Designed for easy & almost limitless integration with emerging technologies so it can evolve to meet changing requirements.

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