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Benefits of Tempus PRO 2017-11-22T09:27:49+00:00


Smaller, lighter, more robust system

Designed and built to meet the needs of prehospital care professionals:

  • Small, compact and highly rugged, the Tempus Pro can be deployed in the most challenging environments;
  • Weighing only 3.2kg with a slender profile, enables you to flexibly and easily carry all you need with you;
  • Highly durable and suited to cope with the demands of prehospital care, with an IP66 rating;
  • Market leading battery life;
  • Never compromise on functionality with a feature-rich monitor in your hands for every patient.

Intuitive operation

Ease of deployment and usage for all users in any environment:

  • Large daylight-readable colour display with high contrast mode and multiple user-selectable display options;
  • Night vision compatible and integrated tactical switch for hostile environments;
  • Glove-friendly touch screen operation with intuitive interface and menu navigation;
  • Easy to use for a spectrum of end users and when there are differing clinical needs – from basic life support through to trauma, resuscitation and critical care.

Unparalleled levels of data

Tempus Pro allows you to capture an unprecedented level of data – as much or as little as you need:

  • The on-screen smart patient care record can be easily augmented via the touch screen;
  • Easy-to-navigate content allows you to choose how much data to collect and exactly what, when, where and how to share it;
  • All vital signs, configurable STEMI 12-lead reporting, video, images, ultrasound, and an intuitive patient data record can be shared in a variety of ways to keep everyone informed;
  • All data is encrypted and easily shared via authenticated, highly secure channels;
  • Data consumption is user-friendly and Tempus technology allows you to easily and fully integrate all data into your ePCR of choice.

Unique, scalable platform

Now you can have a flexible, fully upgradeable and scalable platform:

  • The functionality of the Tempus Pro system can be extended and upgraded when you need it to be;
  • Add video laryngoscopy, ultrasound, defibrillation and real-time telemedicine to further advanced capabilities;
  • Access to feature updates, software updates, system updates and configuration tools ensures that you get more from your device over its lifetime without having to purchase a whole new system;
  • The whole system can evolve in line with your requirements, budgets and protocols over time.

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