Bionic Hybrid Simulator™

The Bionic Hybrid Simulator (BHS) is an innovative approach to provide healthcare education with a complete solution to assessment simulation. Developed in conjunction with the Multidisciplinary Simulation Center at Mayo Clinic, the Bionic Hybrid Simulator allows students to perform a complete physical assessment, while retaining the human-to-human interaction necessary for realistic, engaging education.

The BHS includes a SimScope™ Wifi, a SimBP™ Simulator for Blood Pressure and a tablet. The suite is reusable and washable (30°C), and available in different sizes.

The sound library now includes a COVID-19 sound.

Bionic Hybrid Simulator
Realistic Simulation without the Sacrifice

Realistic Simulation without the Sacrifice

Patient care simulation has long been required to sacrifice realism for accuracy, or vice versa. With the Bionic Hybrid Simulator, we’ve broken the barriers to achieving both accurate and realistic simulation. Test students’ skills without giving away signs and symptoms. Witness their bedside interactions with a real Standardized Patient. And most importantly, watch their level of engagement grow as they build confidence in their clinical skills.

More Conditions. More Capabilities

With EKG, pulse points, SimBP™ Simulator for Blood Pressure, and auscultation of the heart, lungs, and bowels, the BHS provides the most capabilities for Standardized Patient simulation. Instructors can control a host of normal and abnormal conditions from these parameters in real-time. The BHS allows students to interact with a live patient while assessing signs and symptoms independently.

More Conditions. More Capabilities
Simple, Powerful Software

Simple, Powerful Software

We’ve designed the BHS software interface to be remarkably efficient and easy-to-use. In minutes, the instructor will be able to customize the patient’s parameters and set up the Simulator according to their scenario. And with its own WiFi hotspot, all devices are constantly interconnected so the instructor feels in control of the simulation at every moment.


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