Advanced ALS training with ATLAS and REALITi 360

ATLAS Simulation Manikin by 3B Scientific, is an all-in-one solution for Advanced Life Support (ALS) simulations. This state-of-the-art training manikin is designed to assist healthcare trainers and educators in preparing medical teams to respond to emergencies.

The ATLAS Manikin integrates the award-winning simulation system, REALITi 360 by iSimulate. It’s capable of carrying out various types of training such as ILS, PALS, NLS, ATLS, ECG-/Arrhythmia recognition and treatment, synchronized cardioversion, cardiac pacing, and even team resource training.

The manikin features an anatomically realistic airway, including tongue, nasopharynx, oropharynx, uvula, epiglottis, vallecula, vocal cords, esophagus, trachea, thyroid cartilages, and lung. It also includes an intubation head, a CPR-capable chest, IV/IO arms, and foam legs.

With the ATLAS Manikin, you can train your students in various environments where they could be called to intervene for medical emergencies, efficiently covering pre-hospital, transfer, and in-hospital scenarios.

Choose between three levels of integrated systems: REALITi Go, REALITi Plus, or REALITi Pro. Make ATLAS a part of your training lab and help your emergency teams gain an in-depth ALS experience.

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Atlas is a full-body ALS manikin there is fully integrated with REALITi 360 from iSimulate.


Elevate your ALS training with Atlas and REALITi 360 – a complete solution for your algorithm training


  • Realistic airway

  • Airway occlusion (head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust)
  • Sellick maneuver

  • Oral and nasal intubation using OPA, NPA, iGel, LMA, LT, ETT

  • Esophageal intubation

  • BVM ventilation

  • Gastric insufflation


  • Realistic chest rise and fall
  • EtCO2 waveforms

  • SpO2 waveforms


  • Hand position detection
  • Chest compression
  • Ventilation
  • Real-time Quality CPR feedback
  • Debriefing (in a summary performance report)


  • AED or manual defibrillation simulation
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Assessment and treatment of more than 70 arrhythmias
  • Cardioversion and pacing

Circulatory skills

  • IV and IO

  • Drug administration

  • Temperature management

  • Blood pressure

  • Adjustable BP levels (systolic/diastolic)

  • Automatic carotid pulse (synchronized with ECG)

  • Variable pulse rates

Simulation Control

  • Patient monitor with configurable vital sign display (HR, BP, SPO2 and ETCO2)

  • Pre-set scenarios included

  • Pre-programmable scenarios

  • Modify scenarios on-the-fly

  • Physiological control over parameters

  • Enrich simulation through media

  • Event log

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